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There was only one Holocaust (especially if you’re capitalizing the H) in history (and the word has been changed post 1945 to mean that ONE SPECIFIC EVENT meaning you do not get to slap the word on anything you see fit). It took place between 1941-1945 in Germany and the surrounding countries Germany invaded and involved the genocide of several ethnic groups (fetuses are not an ethnic group and can therefore have no genocide committed against them).

Approximately eleven million people of the following ethnic groups were tortured, confined in inhumane conditions, experimented on and murdered: Jews, Rroma, Slavs, Black, communists, homosexuals, the mentally and physically disabled and other groups (but chiefly these ones).

FYI Abortion has been around a lot longer than 50 years. It was there before it was legal, it has been there as long as human memory serves and records show it’s been around for at least 4000 years. Probably longer. Like at least get that much right would you?

By making this though you prove your anti-semitic, racist and have 0 understanding of what the Holocaust was, or what abortion is. (FYI most Holocaust survivors are PRO CHOICE and one survivor performed abortions in the camps to keep people ALIVE. Cool right?)

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rightfullytangent asked:

I don't really mean to bother, but I just want some perspective on your Ferguson post about the looting the McDonalds. I would fall under your "kindergarden morale". I don't have experience in a situation like this and call me naive but couldn't you just buy the milk or even ask for it? I'm sure there's lots of sympathetic supporters in McDonalds itself..




The key words here are “I don’t have experience in a situation like this”, keep that in mind whenever you try to make a judgement about this. Plus the whole of Ferguson is on lockdown, those pictures were taken at night when the curfew was set, I doubt anybody was in that McDonalds at the time to let them in and in a situation where the police will literally tear gas you in a peaceful protest or being near to it, even if they were open the McDonalds workers might simply not want to have let them in because being asociated with the protesters would mean violence and sanctions from the police.

Add to that the intense pain and swelling tear gas causes to people who have no experience with such pain and essentially no open medical facilities near to help them, police who did this to them surrounding them everywhere (I think we can say trust in the police is entirely broken in Ferguson at this pint) and people resort to desperate measures such as breaking into a McDonalds without asking first just to get milk. Milk for others. The break in was motivated by panicked people try to stop the pain of others who were in such pain they could barely walk.

This is a situation that calls for a more complex understanding than “breaking in to steal milk is bad”, I know your heart is in the right place but it is a naive analysis.

Also, according to the buzzfeed reporter on the ground, it was a police bullet that broke the window.

Are these the articles here and here? If so wow, I have been fed some misinformation and I am not surprised.

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